We offer translation and localization services across a broad range of disciplines. Our professional, experienced staff specialists work to produce excellent, “best-in-class” translations. We make sure to screen our freelancers for source language understanding and native language writing skills in their subject area specialties. This explains why our work product is qualitatively superior. We go through an account set-up process for each new client to build a profile of exactly the right linguistic team. We then hand-pick a team from our pre-vetted database of language and translation professionals.


At Language Solutions we have more than a decade’s worth of experience in providing high-quality, professional translation services in various languages for a wide range of clients across various types of industries.

We believe in the huge value of in-country translators as they provide regional nuances and an understanding of the idioms and expressions in the languages that they work in. As such, we take the time to carefully select and approve a world-wide network of talented professional translators and proof readers.

These translators are supervised by our team of project managers who adhere to our guiding principals of quality, security, and efficiency.

When you localise a document or a site, elements such as static images, interactive charts and other graphical elements require special attention. Regardless of whether you require simple changes such as a multilingual layout, desktop publishing of text or more detailed processes such as copy adaptation, Language Solutions has the necessary expertise to ensure that all the graphic elements of your document or site complement your localised content in order to ensure a maximum impact in the target market.

Language Solutions will assist you with the process of creating, launching and optimising your content in multiple languages. We will ensure that this is both simple and cost effective. Whether you need localisation of brand management, marketing campaigns, website or apps, Language Solutions ensures that adapting your website for a global market has never been easier.


In order to ensure the quality of our translation, we follow the following translation process for all our projects.
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